Men's swimsuits and their incredible evolution

The history of men's swimwear starts from 1915 to the last days.

All the changes and evolution that the men's swimsuit has gone through has been a fundamental part of the history of fashion.

The first appearance of the bathing suit covered the entire torso with very traditional horizontal stripes, they were called "beach pajamas", which was used until 1925... very original, isn't it?

The 30's arrived and the structure changed to a smaller and more colorful model that set the trend at that time which lasted until 1975.

The prosperity of the 1950s popularized the concept of leisure, and the fashion industry introduced a new category: beachwear and vacation accessories. Thus, the man broke with the severity of the conservative suit of the work environment of the 50s and indulged in more tropical looks.

There were short-sleeved shirts with matching swim trunks in many patterns and colors, often with tropical motifs.

Advertisement from the 1950s

In 1995, geometric drawings and solid colors would be included in the new design: knee-length shorts.

In 2015, models and colors arrived that broke those taboos, showing that men can wear whatever they want and feel comfortable with the design and colors they want.

Discover unique models with quick-drying technology, swimsuits to wear on their own, as a couple or by matching as a family!

Find out how the matching family trend continues to be present over time.

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