Do you travel to the beach in summer? Get the perfect look.

Starting from the itinerary is important, the days that you are going to be traveling are important information to plan all your outfits, what activities you will carry out and what places you will visit will be the number of clothes to wear.

An infallible tip is to choose a color palette that combines with day and night activities and thus reduce the number of garments, remember the lighter the better.

Go to the beach! You cannot miss accessories that you can wear in the sand as at a dinner.

We leave you here a perfect option for your perfect look:

Sunglasses are a must, and neither are going out to the beach (turn your swimsuit into a bodysuit and wear a perfect outfit at lunchtime). We leave you here an ideal option:

Don't forget light shoes in neutral tones to match them, a full coverage sunscreen and DONE. The beach awaits you, enjoy it to the fullest.

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