About us

Our story begins in 2016 when we decided to launch our first swimwear collection under the brand name Rosa Pastel, which was actually the name of a blog where our founder wrote about fashion tips and shared photos of her outfits of the day.

The publication that aroused the most interaction and interest on the page was a photograph of a swimsuit designed by our founder, thus the idea of ​​creating a small collection for sale was born, the orders increased and what began as a hobby became in a life project.

In 2019 we started working on a name and image change, since the Rosa Pastel page was created with a different intention and we believed that the name did not represent the essence of the brand.

Thus, in February 2021 we launched our new image, under the name "Blessed Beach" honoring our love for the sea as good Acapulqueños.

Our swimsuits are designed and manufactured in Acapulco, each print was created in collaboration with Mexican illustrators, finding inspiration in the culture of our country and our tropical roots.

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