We know that each woman has a unique and different body, some of us think that a certain style favors us more or we have a preference for certain trends.

But did you know that skin tone has a lot to do with it and can favor how you look in a bikini or swimsuit?

The magic is in knowing how to take advantage of it in our favor.

If you have fair skin:

* Say YES to intense tones like red, violet, blue and fuchsia.

*Use phosphorescent tones sparingly, these types of colors can give your skin a reddish tone.

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If you have brown skin:

* Colorful and patterned tones look amazing on you, as well as light colors that enhance your skin color.

* Also the white color looks luxurious on you

If you have tanned or brunette skin:

* The prints will be your thing

*Orange or earth tones will make your light brighter

*Do not forget the yellows, it will make a unique contrast with the tan of your skin

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Now that you know these valuable tips... go without fear to choose your ideal Playa Bendita and show it off wherever you go:

Here you can see all our suits.

If you want to know more about

What is your ideal swimsuit according to your body style? Check this information here .

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