The matching outfit is a trend that began in the 90's when some Korean television stars began to dress the same, but it resumed its second wind at the end of 2015.

It began with mothers dressing their children the same regardless of age or differences, let's say that being a matching mother was synonymous with "goal mother".

Little by little the trend expanded until it was done with the whole family getting the family match; from pajamas with the same design for all members to Christmas clothes.

Looking the same at a sleepover or Christmas dinner was the top.

The acceptance was so genuine that the whole family style was transported to the beach, in family sessions with beachwear / swimsuits with the same design for children and parents.

The importance of looking in tune is a priority when celebrating important dates or simply for the fact of living together as a family.

Wearing original colors, trends and prints gives a unique and special touch to every moment.

Have you used this trend? Because at Playa Bendita we love it!

Here you can find amazing swimwear for the whole family

Share with us your photos using your favorite blessed beach family match and let us transport you to that special moment.

If you don't know which one to choose, we give you ideas of which swimsuit suits you best with respect to your body here .

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