With technological advances and new consumer habits, trying on your swimsuit before buying it has become difficult since we are now lovers of shopping online.

Looking pretty in your swimsuit depends more on your attitude and not as much on your weight as you probably thought. Choosing it to highlight the virtues of your body is an art, but here we share how to know it so that it is easy for you to buy it online.

Identify your body type


It resembles an hourglass because there is a balance between the bust and the hips, as well as having a small waist. The good news is that everything suits them, she can wear a bikini, a full suit, plain or patterned, any type of neckline and she can be very daring.

If you have this body, we share our ideal outfits for you


This type of body is for those women who have large hips and, on the contrary, have a small bust, narrow shoulders, and a well-defined waist.

Bikinis look super sexy on them, as well as swimsuits uncovered on the side of the torso and suits with frills or applications on the top to create a volume effect on the upper part and thus achieve balance.

The objective is to harmonize the silhouette, so you should reduce the visibility of the lower part and emphasize your bust.

We show you some ideals for you


This is the name given to the body that has broad shoulders or back and little hip, that is , what stands out the most are your shoulders and chest, on the contrary, your hip is narrow.

What you need is for your hips to attract attention, which you can achieve with draping or endives.

To bring symmetry to your body you can choose swimsuits with V-necks and ruffles at the bottom, also beach outings can help you balance your look

Check out these beach outings


high waist swimwear, swimwear for families

These bodies are characterized by having little waist, for these beautiful women the ideal are swimsuits that give volume to accentuate your waist; combining ruffles, and beach outings will make you look spectacular.

You should also wear suits that simulate curves; For example, you can use one-piece swimsuits with side cutouts:

swimsuit according to your body, swimsuit for your body, ideal swimsuit for your body, trikini

High-waisted suits will also look super on you

Take a look at these costumes:

OVAL swimsuits for chubby women, swimsuit with girdle, acapulco costumes, costumes for fat women, swimsuit with girdle, swimsuit with abdominal control.

This type of body stands out for having a wide torso and back, as well as volume in the abdominal area.

Don't worry because tummy control full length swimsuits are amazing for shaping your figure and for keeping everything in place, they will make you look gorgeous.

Check out our abdominal control collection

As you can see, knowing the type of figure you have will make the task of buying swimsuits and bikinis online easier.

Finally, remember that if you like a suit and it empowers you, wear it!

Attitude is everything. You will always look spectacular!!

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