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And we are back in this part of the year that seems to be the furthest away on the calendar. The time that makes us think more. What goals did I achieve this year? Did I fulfill all my purposes? How much did I change? Bit? All? Nothing?

It is also that season that can give us an impressive downturn, thinking about everything that we lacked, everything that we could have failed or the projects that we did not dare to start.

But this is what this annual tradition is for, to have a different beginning. That allows us to remind ourselves that changes are not only measured in our own person, they are also measured in what we could or can give to others.

And we are not referring to the number of gifts we can afford, because deep down we recognize that the best gifts do not come from a catalog, in a colored box or under a pine tree.


We talk about the actions that can brighten a person's day, the words that can change someone's future or the hugs that can fill with harmony the moments in which you match with those you love the most.

Don't think about a "wasted" year. Get excited for the future because the past is gone and have a single purpose that makes you get up every day wanting to be blessed for yourself and for others.


We wish you happy holidays.


Author: Olivia Serna

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