Life is too short to live at war with ourselves!

We live in a world full of infinite textures and colors. We coexist with beings of diverse, real bodies, metabolisms and different needs.

We have learned to live in harmony with all these differences.

So why do we cling to living in a war with ourselves?

The world has taught us to classify and place within certain groups, the characteristics that consolidate the idea of ​​an ideal beauty. But the time has come to break with these schemes.

Let's recognize ourselves under the term of bodily neutrality, with which we put aside negative looks and comments.

That from today the daily fight is not to hate our own body for not fitting into the beauty standards, that now the fight is to love each other more every day.

And it is not about forcing the well-known phrase of "love your body", but about helping you find the balance between ending those constant internal fights and ACCEPTING what you are and what you have, that which already makes you a blessed woman. .

No one is more, no one is less. Beauty is subjective and beauty standards no longer have a place in our vocabulary, nor in our catalogue.

So sister... LOVE YOURSELF! because you breathe, because you enjoy, because you live and remember that #BlessedSomosTodas

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