Guide to the perfect gift.

We all have characteristics that make us unique, be it our personality or our physique, and surely you have such different friends and family that you are in trouble finding the perfect gift for these dates.

But here we have the solution and the perfect gifts.

1. For that friend who is the mom of the group:

For those moms in your group of friends, they will surely be the biggest fans of suits with abdominal control, full bathing suits, excellent to combine with kimonos or skirts that match.

2. For the party friend:

For those friends without whom the party does not start, making them happy with a gift will be easy, if you choose the most colorful, phosphorescent or shiny bikinis or swimsuits.

3. For the dark friend:

Of course, we all have a friend with dark tastes, but that doesn't mean that you can't make her happy with a pretty swimsuit in its dark version.

4. For the mystical and magical friend:

She is the one who knows the horoscope from A to Z. Your mystical and magical friend has the power of the stars at her fingertips and our Cosmo design will become her favorite. You will also brighten her day if you combine this design with any of our beach outings, as they will make her feel as free as her spirit.

5. For the sweet shy friend:

She is the cutest of the group, and any swimsuit with pastel prints, flowers, colors and bows will be perfect with her personality.

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