Activate your 5 Senses

Your five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) help you perceive the world around you. Our brain receives signals from each of these organs and interprets them to give us an idea of ​​what is happening around us.

In the same way, what we receive with our senses can directly influence our emotions; it can bring us memories, sadness or much, much happiness.

That same thing happens when you buy something new; We will give you an example of a suit from Playa Bendita. Your five senses are active at all times, but in this case they are more attentive to what they see.

You activate your sense of hearing when you hear the delivery man arrive with your package and you get excited, because you know that what you ordered has finally arrived.

When you open the box, you activate your sense of smell, as it always recognizes the smell of something new, something never used before, made especially for you.

And as they say that love is born from sight, this sense fills you with emotions such as surprise, emotion and happiness when you finally see in front of your eyes, that design that you initially saw through a screen. You are struck by the colors and the detail that can be seen in each of your pieces.

And what is the first thing you do once you open your package? Your sense of touch helps you with the following. Here you can feel the resistance of the fabric, how soft it can be with your skin and at the same time the quality of the material with which your order was made.

And at what moment is the sense of taste activated? you will ask yourself. Well, that one is activated anytime you are enjoying a good drink or a super meal, on the beach or in a pool, but always enjoying yourself while wearing your new Playa Bendita suit.

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