Get ready for the holidays!

There are two types of people when packing for a trip to the beach, those who don't even know what to pack and do everything at the last minute, and those who already have a well-planned schedule of what they are going to take and even, who pack more than necessary.

If you are one of the first, stay, this blog is for you; if you are from the second group, you can also stay, surely there is something you need to pack.

Step one: An infallible tip is to choose a color palette so that you can combine pieces with each other and put together several spectacular looks with few clothes. Be the one with the most tooooop look with our tips!

Step 2: Choose the suit.

Remember to choose the ones that make you feel more comfortable, a bikini? two pieces? Whole? Choose one with a double view, so you save a little space in the suitcase.

Step 3: Do not forget the beach outings.

Accessories make the difference in your beach looks, a long skirt or a miniskirt will do the perfect job in those moments when you want to get out of the sea or the pool.

Use the power of the third garment to your advantage, you will look very flirtatious when you combine them with your swimsuit and you will focus attention on your look to achieve photos.

Look amazing on your feed with our beach outings!

Step 4: Unruly hair? A scarf for those days.

We can't always keep our hair perfect or we don't always want to work so hard to keep it perfect. Take one or two or more scarves for your trips to the beach, don't just think about accessories for events or your day to day, also take them to the beach for your tropical outfits.

Step 5: If you are going to have lunch or dinner on the beach, you should not forget to pack your beachwear set

Not everything is going out to the sea or to the pool, you can also have breakfast in the morning or dinner with friends at sunset and we know that wearing any type of clothing can be very hot for those tropical destinations. Why don't you try wearing cool beachwear?

Now you're ready, all you have to do is enjoy your vacation!

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