Why use a full bathing suit?

Wearing a full bathing suit is the sexiest thing at the moment and here we will tell you why.

It is not about trends or seasons: a swimsuit will not go out of style due to its versatility over time.

In each season we will see how more women wear their beautiful full bathing suits (and none of this has to do with old fashion or boring fashion), or today it is the confidence and security that it gives you and the full bathing suit has all that :

  • You will enjoy the waves or the pool without worries. The confidence that your full bathing suit will give you will make you stop worrying about what you can teach more, since it will perfectly cover various areas of the body, avoiding those painful accidents.
  • If what you are looking for is to hide the belly or the hips, the full bathing suit is the perfect option.
  • The photos will come out with more confident poses because the tranquility of experiencing new angles in your photographs will make those memories look enviable.

  • The cut of the full bathing suit allows it to adapt to all types of body, giving an ideal touch to the legs, making them look more aesthetic and, incidentally, a smaller waist.
  • Take advantage of your figure with its solid colors or prints depending on what you need to highlight
  • The variety of cuts allows you to elegantly and subtly highlight what you want

You need more? Full bathing suits are no longer boring and are the most chic of the moment.
Take a dive into the options we have for you at Playa Bendita and choose your favourite!

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