For the queen of the house

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity to show mom how much you care. But let's be real; flowers and chocolates are already a bit boring. This year, why not give her something she'll really love and feel comfortable wearing as a new swimsuit?

But why a bathing suit? For starters, it's not something your mom would normally buy for herself, which makes it a luxurious gift. Plus, a swimsuit is a symbol of summer, sun, and fun, which is precisely what Mother's Day is all about: celebrating the special women in our lives who brighten our days.

When choosing one for mom, think about her personal style and what makes her feel comfortable and confident. Do you like them whole or in a bikini? Do you prefer abdominal control? Or, you can also choose your beach outings; skirts, minis, scarves and kimonos to have the complete outfit.

In addition, our new collection will allow you to use them not only as bathing suits, because combined with some cute bottom, they will even look like new blouses in your closet.

So, this May 10, forget about the typical gifts and give him something really special. Also, what better if you take advantage of the promo: buy two ladies' suits and get a free bathing suit for a boy or girl.

It's the perfect way to make this Mother's Day memorable and fun for the whole family.

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